Mass Stack

Rat's Army

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1 Bottle* of YK-11 | 1 Bottle* of RAD140 | 1 Bottle* of MK-677

*Bottles are 30mL

> increases the production of follistatin which inhibits the myostatin pathway which has shown enlargement in muscle mass and strength
> As a derivative of DHT, users can expect muscle hardness
> Steroidal, chemical backbone which will cause slight stress on the liver. Liver supports like TUDCA or Milk Thistle are highly advised
> increases IGF-1 signaling
> Increases appetite
> promotes lipid metabolism
> improved sleep/dreams
> enhances cell recovery
> promotes skin, hair, and nail health
> High affinity to bind to the androgen receptor (7nM -- higher than YK-11 so they won't compete too much)
> neuroprotective features enabling sparing/enhancement of cognitive function
> dryness effect of muscle tissue accruing minimizing water retention